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IMA is a prominent organization that works to promote and advance medical and allied sciences in all their different branches. Furthermore, our aim is to improve Public Health and Medical Education, in the State of Maharashtra. The objective is to maintain the honor and dignity of the medical profession and to promote cooperation amongst the members thereof. Basically, we are national voluntary organization that looks after the overall interest of the doctors.

The organization was founded in 1928, when we were struggling for the liberation. Earlier some members of our organization were part of British Medical Association (established to cater to domestic needs). These members succeeded formed an organization named as Indian Medical Association.

In the year 1946, our organization assisted World body, also called as World Medical Association. Today, it is a well known body with headquarters located in Delhi and has branches in 29 states and union territories. This organization consist of 2,15,000 doctors and has 1650 active local branches.

We want to encourage research in Medical and allied sciences with grants out of the funds of the "State Branch" by establishment of scholarships, prizes or rewards in such other manner as may from time to time be determined by the "State Branch".


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Recommendation of Central Working Committee of IMA at its 206th meeting held at Chandigarh on November 19, 2011 duly ratified...